Frequently asked questions


Q: Can we just turn up?
A: Yes, although we do advise to book your trial class in advance so that we know to expect you. Some classes are also very close to capacity so  it is best to double check in advance that places are available before attending. 

Q: How do I enrol for classes?
A: You can complete your enrolment form online via the enrolment page on our website


Q: What should I/my child wear to class?
A: We have a school uniform that is available to purchase after you have enrolled.
For the first 4-6 weeks of class it is acceptable to wear a t-shirt with leggings or shorts and plimsolls or trainers.


Q: Can parents stay?

A: Yes. There is seating available and parents may stay - especially if your child is young.

Q: Do classes continue to run during school holidays?  

A: For the most part, Yes. Classes run for 46 weeks each year and this does include some school holidays. 

 Our closure dates are listed in the parent handbook which you'll receive once enrolled. 

Q: Are the teachers qualified?

A: Yes. Kelly and all cover/guest teachers are qualified and DBS Checked.  

Q: How do we pay for classes?

A: Classes are invoiced for monthly and due on or before the first class of the month.  Cash, Bacs and Card Payments are accepted. 


Q: Does my child have to do exams?
A: No. Exams are optional, although encouraged. Exams are a great way to see and monitor progress and recognise achievements.
They give the children a great sense of accomplishment and can be a real confidence booster.

Q: Do you do shows, festivals and competitions?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes.  We have an annual show at the theatre and the children love that they get to be stars on the big stage! We attend local festivals and events during the summer.  Small, local performances are so much fun and help to build and develop confidence and prepare the children for our big show at the end of the year. 

Shows and Festivals are optional although encouraged. 

Our competition team is invite only, we hold try outs each summer. 

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